EMPG’s Lamudi acquires OLX Indonesia’s Real Estate business

JAKARTA, INDONESIA: In a move that will propel Lamudi Indonesia upward in the
country’s real estate market, the Jakarta-based real estate portal has announced its
acquisition of OLX Indonesia’s Real Estate business, including all Real Estate-related
seller and buyer activities. 
Lamudi is part of EMPG, the UAE-based Classifieds group that reached unicorn
status in 2020 upon acquiring OLX Group assets in the Middle East and Pakistan,
along with a significant cash injection from OLX Group and its existing
Combined with OLX Indonesia’s Real Estate business, Lamudi Indonesia has 4.5
million monthly unique visits, generating over 2 million inquiries, offering superior
visibility for sellers. The combined portal will receive over 600,000 new property
listings every month, ensuring the availability of the widest range of real estate
options for all Indonesians.
Lamudi was launched in Indonesia in February 2014 and employs more than 700
people in the country, with plans to expand aggressively and solidify its position
further. Its main offering is its highly optimized property classifieds platform
www.lamudi.co.id, which connects buyers and sellers online, and extends into
transactions – providing users with the most superior and tech-enabled property
buying journey.  
Lamudi CEO Kian Moini said the real estate industry in Indonesia is at an exciting
time now and is going through a massive digital transformation. Lamudi and OLX
are connecting millions of people digitally every month, already serving thousands
of real estate companies. The acquisition of OLX Real Estate section strengthens
Lamudi’s portfolio of digital products and services, which are focused on helping
people make decisions that positively change their lives.
“We could not be more excited about our path forward as a clear market leader in
Indonesia, shaping the future of property transactions through innovation and
technology,” said Moini. 
EMPG CEO Imran Ali Khan said the Group had great confidence in Indonesia’s real
estate market and the country’s economic path forward. 
“This acquisition is only a part of the investment commitment we are making to
execute our vision for Indonesia, which is to provide Indonesians with a best-in-class
real estate experience on the way to finding a new place to call home.”
CEO OLX Group Indonesia Johnny Widodo said that he is delighted that OLX
Indonesia’s Real estate customers will now receive a broader range of options to
choose from to further enrich their property experience through technology.
“We are proud to have grown the Real Estate category in OLX Indonesia with
millions of users and trust that this category is now in the right team to accelerate
the business further. Lamudi will strengthen and provide a seamless journey for our
customers in Indonesia,” said Widodo.
Widodo added that all interfaces and operations will remain as usual with no
changes, including the other categories that will remain under OLX Indonesia.